Investment Strategy


Capital Indigo



Capital Indigo provides private equity and/or debt financing to growing mid-market businesses in Mexico.

Our main focus is investing in profitable companies with yearly revenues between US$5 and 25 million

Our average investment holding period is around five years.
We aim to provide superior risk-adjusted returns to our broad base of Mexican and international investors, who include leading institutions, family-offices and individuals.

Added Value

At Capital Indigo we have a strong commitment to implement world-class operating and corporate governance practices in our portfolio companies. Our contribution goes far beyond board-level participation. We work closely with management teams in a broad range of value-added initiatives across business functions, including: strategy, sales, finance, business inteligence, operations, performance measurement and human resources.

We promote a culture of transparency and openness in our portfolio companies. We follow the Balanced Scorecard management system. Our goal is to help management teams succeed by aligning incentives of key stakeholders, implementing key performance metrics (KPIs), crafting and developing strategic and financial plans together with our portfolio company’s management teams, exploring M&A opportunities, sourcing talent for relevant positions, among many other value added initiatives.

The Indigo team has developed proven expertise in a number of roles in operations, sales & marketing, finance, principal-investment and business development. In addition, our broad network of investors and collaborators are usually a valued source of incremental business opportunities.

Investment Process

At Capital Indigo we follow a highly-selective, disciplined, data-driven investment process.